The Kinky Sextionnaire

So, have you ever wondered if your partner was in to a fetish of yours, but you were too afraid to ask them? Well, I have some really really exciting news for you, now you can ask them indirectly, while at the same time learning about their desires and how they mesh with yours. Yup, this tool could change everything for you, your partner, and your combined sexuality!

So, are you ready to see if your partner likes what you like? if your partner is willing to try something new? Well, here is that light bulb moment you've been waiting for. 

Before I go ahead and pass on the holy grail of free online tools, let me tell you a little bit about how it works, and the best way to use it.. 

First you want to set it up from 2 separate computers, so you'll put in your information, and their information, and begin the questionnaire. While you're filling it out, the link was sent to your partner. When you have both completed the questionnaire, you'll each receive a link detailing the answers that you matched on.. 

Ok, So, I'm pretty sure you got so excited that you're probably not even reading this anymore, but if you are, the link to the tool is right here: Link to the tool!

We'd love to hear from you below about your experience with this fun little tool!

Have Fun and happy Sexual Awakening! :)

5 THOUGHTS ON “A Fun Tool To Really Get To Know Your Partner!”

by Jane

This was totally awesome! Thanks for sharing!

by Me

Hubby and I tried this, we learned a lot about each-other in a very positive way. Was a great relationship building exercise for us!

by me

Holy Crap! LOVE this quiz!

by Alex

This is awesome! I’m going to do it with my wife tonight! I really like that you can each do it separately without sharing each-others answers, and then you get matched up on what you get matched on.. really cool!

by Stetve

I have to say, tried this out with my wife and it is AWESOME! I got to learn new things about her, and I think it may have awoken some sexual desires within me too.. Thank you!